Mission Statement

First, Laurence Orthopedic is dedicated to helping our patients achieve more success and rewards.  We do this with products and services that help them meet physical challenges and to achieve their greatest potential.

Second, dedication to helping you use your knowledge and talents through a challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding work experience.

Third, our goal is to perform all our work, and deliver the highest quality products and services, efficiently and profitably. 

Fourth, it is the mission of Laurence Orthopedic to be an honest, straight-forward business, faithful to our clients and faithful to our employees.

Fifth, it is our mission to be the leader in our field, to be the best-managed, best-qualified manufacturers of orthotics and prosthetics in North California.

Sixth, it is our mission to manufacture and sell quality products in ways that generate maximum profits, thereby assuring the future of the company and the employment opportunities here.

Seventh, It is our mission to treat our co-workers and our patients fairly and with respect, so that all of us can enjoy a good quality of life. 

Eighth, the mission of the company is to provide high quality health related services to meet the personal needs and improve the health status of the people in the communities we serve.

In fulfillment of this mission, we affirm and recognize that:

  • Healing Ministry – Is committed to respect those whom we serve as persons of dignity and worth regardless of race, sex, creed or social status.
  • Patient Service – Shall strive to fulfill or surpass established levels of excellence in both the art and science of patient care.
    • Shall seek a unique quality of professional relationship between staff and patients.
    • Shall selectively pursue the highest standards of technical excellence appropriate to the needs of our community
    • Shall seek involvement in innovative organizational forms of patient care.
  •  Organization – Shall seek to operate as a private voluntary health care organization under the direction of a dedicated governing body and professional care givers.
    •  Shall seek to provide an environment for maximum effectiveness and satisfaction of its medical staff and employees.
    • Shall seek to be a strong, cost-effective organization.
  • Research/Education –  Will participate in and carry on research and educational activities supportive to the mission.
  • Relationships– Shall seek relationships with other community health care providers an appropriate to the accomplishment of this mission.
    • Shall seek opportunities of service unique to its geographically-centered urban location.

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